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intro.of.new [14 Jan 2004|08:48pm]

yo - its kat, 17-year old amazement being suppressed by B.H.S.E.C. cant get a pic, but u kno who this is. best movie: Amelie. why i'm amazing: because i am the re-enactment of Amelie = im a dreamer with a nonsensical mindset whereas irony has numbed its brain. my language only consists of winking, smiling, cheek kissing to those i like.

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[04 Nov 2003|01:30pm]


do you wanna dance?
here's your chance!




Knitting Factory is located at 74 leonard street.
Trains to take:: 1 or 9 to Franklin street OR N or R to Canal street

If you're down, drop me a line and I'll send you a flyer for a discount price on the ticket.


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[30 Sep 2003|07:43pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Hey, I just found this community, and I wanted to join. (How many people are gonna say duh to that hmmm?) Got requirements? Here's the breakdown.
Name-Rachelle, preferably Rache
Pic-I don't have a picture of me on this laptop...will send as a comment.
Bands, etc.-Well I do like my band, it's pretty cool...we're trying to get a name though. I'm lead vocal. I also like Nirvana, the neptunes (I know they're not a band) Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, and pre-pants and jacket Blink 182, that kind of stuff.(everything) Books; I'm cool with fantasy, lotr, hp and the wheel of time, but stuff like Gathering Blue and death be not proud too. Movies from Ocean's 11 to Bruce Almighty, they're all good.
My gripping story...alright.
About three years ago when I was a little kid for my age, just before the great growth, I went to a small E school where I was the resident smart kid/outsider. It wasn't a bad school-the playground had the standard swingsets, three different jungle gyms, a huge field for soccer and football, all the good stuff. The blacktop was perfect for basketball, and I was practicing my freethrows...
The wind whistles past my hair as I run for the layup. My brother had taught me that just days before, on the blacktop court across the street from my house. The other sixth graders run throught the field after the soccer ball, and that may be why only I saw it; only I heard it.
Just as I was jumping for the off-beat layup, I hear a pit-pat of shoes. It's across the wire fencing, on the outside just beyond the blacktop. My own sneakers slap the pavement as I land, ball spinning on the rim as if dazed and confused. Running in my usual tee and jeans, I see a little boy no older than four running across the street, towards my prison encampment. The kid ws obviously an escapee from the day-care across the road, and he was enjoying sweet freedom. He was chasing a ball, his golden hair and blue eyes shining in the sunlight as I watched in darkness of my blacktop, shaded by trees. He stooped to catch the runaway toy, and as he sat in the middle of the road to play with it, a car came barreling down the road, surely ten or fifteen over the speed limit.
But the little boy wouldn't move.
So I run down the pavement to the fence door, pulling at the latch with all my might, when it swings open effortlessly-the door was always to be closed though. I had no time to wonder as I ran to the street, scooped the child, and practically threw him across the road. Too late for me though...BAM!
I'm spinning through the air, falling like a rock from a forty story building. But the car doesn't stop-it just keeps going, like the energizer bunny or some whacked out crap like that. By the time I can move, it's not my body that's moving, because my body is lying on the pavement, and it isn't pretty. Guess this whole hero thing wasn't a good idea...
10 reasons why I rock:
10. I don't care if you don't like me. Your problem buddy. Bite me, k?
9. I'm flexible-not tied to one music/movie/book genre.
8. I'm a free spirit I guess...I don't like being stuck on anything/one
7. I love to write...I might not be good yet, but hey. See #10.
6. I love to perform, sing, dance, act, and dance some more, play my music.
5. I play guitar, trumpet, piano, and soon flute, and drums.
4. I'm mostly tolerant-I'm tolerant of bisexuals/gays/lesbians; but not people who give me problems just because they feel like it.
3. I'm not all talk. And I think that there's no point in saying no offense cause you're offending them anyway.
2. No I do NOT think shopping at Hot Topic makes you punk/goth and I cannot stand it when people say it does.
1. I rock because I said so, that's why!

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amaaaaaaazing [28 Aug 2003|10:41am]

[ mood | crushed ]

-your name Chloe?
-your age 15
-title or description
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in case u didnt know [28 Aug 2003|03:21am]


if that doesnt work


and you all betta be there if you know whats good for yuhs

rsvp is not necessary but reply to the post if ur interested

its in brooklyn at 57 jay st
f train is the closest way

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amazing in some way [27 Aug 2003|03:03pm]

all of these people are

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[25 Aug 2003|05:07am]

5:07 in the morning is an amazing_inc kinda time, i'd have to say

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[22 Aug 2003|02:27pm]

Its been a long time-
and we aint bein too amazing now are we? no, we are not

this calls for something, i dont know what. but something.
cause this community needs some funtizzling, and fast

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[12 Aug 2003|09:46pm]

[ mood | bored ]

im already in but im bored
& you fools dont post
so heres some pictures:

i love that puffy skirt.

guttersparkle took this outside cbgbs (the distillers show)

ill post more

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osu [04 Aug 2003|09:06pm]

my name is emma, im also known george washington, im 15 and my picture wont post.

music: of a revolution, river city rebels, the slackers, they might be giants, sublime, link 80, operation ivy, MSI, the beatles, the strokes, nina simone, the act, rufus wainwright, the chinkees, the white stripes, theres more..i think..

story: once me and diana were cought stealing chocolate covered matzah from our schools science office.


1. stamp me and ill let you join my wacky japanese man club.
2. im in Mr. Bartell's social studies class
3. Phil-up Amos is my very good friend
4. i have red nail polish on
5. i love alice and wonderland
6. i love through the looking glass
7. im friends with adam rhodes (thats just amazing in itself cmon now)
8. my dad is tanya
9. i have a shiny purple wallet
10. you know you want to join my wacky japanese man club

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everyone come! [24 Jul 2003|08:08pm]

IAFC is playing...

7.25.03 (THIS FRIDAY!)!!
@ St. Fidelis Church
Queens, New York
Last One Left's Record Release!
w/ Last One Left
The Scam
Starts 6pm, $5 at the door

It's a cheap show, and It's gona be great! come come come!

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[23 Jun 2003|01:41pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

yo i disabled anonymous posts because its immature and stupid and pathetic and just plain ol' annoying. so yeah thats all

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holy (insert explitive) [22 Jun 2003|11:08pm]

[ mood | blah ]

well my name is adam im 16 i go to Bard i like things like nine inch nails, the prodigy, the act, nyc ska exchange, leftover crack among other bands moviewise i can't go with one genre ..psycho, the birds, the wiz, contact, xmen, bamboozled, crooklyn etc.
story *thinks* my life isn't that damn interesting
ten things.... why not three? =]
1. im gay (that should be amazing enough)
2. i carry things around in bottles
3. i like people

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[22 Jun 2003|10:46pm]
[ mood | content ]

like whoa!Collapse )

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can i get a what what? [22 Jun 2003|05:00pm]

[ mood | amused ]

my name is audrey and i am sixteen years old and i attend (infrequently, but enough) bard high school early college.

interests?: carvel cakes, high fashion, superiority, hanging out with kids that write graffiti and not writing graffiti, living in new york city, bright eyes, tod solondz films, minus the bear, the joni mitchell song 'cactus tree' and album 'blue', the adventures of sebastian cole, pedro almodovar, carrie bradshaw, the rolling stones, lonely car rides, cowboys, begdorf goodmans, my broke boyfriend, homestarrunner.com, my best friend lilith, neutral milk hotel, blood on the tracks, the big lebowski, showgirls, acrylic full sets with designs, the counting crows even though its embarassing, tardtingles, miso soup, kfc biscuits, $1 22s of colt45, sex, owning your blackness, looking soo goooood, choosing not to make friends, those who used to be punk rock and then grew up and got over it, dulce de leche, bad hip hop, not doing drugs, being a fatty, being amazing?

storytime? once there was this kid jonah and he ate five tabs of acid by the old power plant on 14th street; and he thought he reached enlightenment or became buddha or something, so he like squeezed all the muscles in his body in an effort to rid himself evil, and of course then shat himself. after, he freaked out and thought he had lost his soul, so he tried to get it back...by eating his shit. his friends left to go get milk in hopes to stop his trip, and when they got back, jonah was naked, covered in shit, and surrounded by cops. 100% TRUE.

top ten? im not going to bother with top ten. i'm 5'1, 102 lbs and i can make you fucking cry.

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Why I should be stamped [22 Jun 2003|04:32pm]
I am an asshole! Stamp me, goddammit!

The Asshole RevealedCollapse )

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